welcome to Hekovnik


We are the link between institutional / university knowledge and the global market.
By providing accelerated programs for startups and growth companies, we add the business component into the mix to bridge the gap between knowledge and realities of the market.


We were the first to bring Slovenian startups to Silicon Valley.
By preparing prospective companies and entrepreneurs for the global market, organizing events in Silicon Valley and connecting entrepreneurs with venture capitalists.


We believe data can tell you stories about your customers.
Our mission is to deliver the best practices, teach you how to use data in your everyday decision making and coach you on your journey from an intuition based to data driven startup.

from idea to business at a rocket speed

Imagination is important, sure, but without execution, it is merely a hallucination. Our programs are designed to help you learn everything you need to know in order to evaluate and execute your idea – at the end the day execution is what matters the most. In our workshops you will learn by teaching – sharing your experiences with other teams and by doing – through homeworks.

Our purpose is to identify problems startups and enterprises come across in today’s turbulent global market and provide wide variety of tools and models they can use to combat the problems head on. This is why our focus is primarily the complete understanding of the market needs, followed by the process of product development, storytelling, implementation of data into every day decision making, team dynamics and pitching to investors.

In order to coach you through the entire startup theory and help you implement all those lean methodologies effectively, we provide you with the set of tools called “modelbox”. These will not only help you model your company’s processes and products but also equip you with the necessary data driven mindset, steering your habits to success.

We offer all-encompassing courses involving four main tracks. First, we focus primarily on the market and your business idea validation, then we move on to the product development, data implementation and building your team effectively, than wrap it all together in a story that your company can tell and your customers will love.

meet our team

Kristjan Pecanac
Kristjan Pecanac
Once upon a time this hardware developer in telecommunications successfully ran three companies (MediaGS, Dasiy technologies and Digital Development) . Nowadays you can find him coaching companies and startups – over 150 on his list. Ideally his company would run on a bootstrapping principle, driven by data and powered by artificial intelligence.
Tomaž Frelih
Tomaž Frelih
The business guy, a true organizer making sure everything in Hekovnik goes smoothly and gets delivered as planned. All the cool partners complementing our programs – he’s the man responsible. Events where you meet all those interesting people – it’s him again. Should you have any questions regarding Hekovnik, partnerships or startups in general, just ping him.
Jasna Plantan
Jasna Plantan
She is the person who handles data for us and our customers. She handled some of our products frontend development (likes react.js), has a good hand for web analytics and teaches our students the art of customer discovery interviews. If there is a problem that needs to be solved she is the person to go to.